R.I.P. Anthony Gobert (Updated)

R.I.P. Anthony Gobert (Updated)

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Former AMA Pro, World Superbike, and 500cc Grand Prix racer Anthony Gobert has died at age 48. The talented star was brilliant on a racebike and a fan favorite but struggled with alcohol and drug addiction throughout his career. Survivors include his mother (and manager) Suzanne and younger brothers Aaron and Alex.

Godspeed Anthony Gobert.


Suzanne Gobert posted the following earlier Wednesday on social media:

“My heart is breaking as I write this as my first born beautiful son Anthony has passed late this afternoon [Australian time] I loved him from the moment he was born until the day I die. At times he was challenging, to say the least, but he always had a kind heart and cared for everyone. Sadly, he was a victim of addiction, which runs deeply in our families. He tried many times to get better, but he couldn’t quite make it. I am so proud of him and thank all those good people who added to his life. You know who you are.”


Alex Gobert posted the following on his social media:

My eldest brother was my first proper hero. In a lot of ways, his influence on my childhood and our connection to the sport still stands strong to this day and I genuinely treasure those early memories. I always will.

Hopefully, especially for his sake, we can all celebrate the better times in his life, the moments beyond the immense struggles and also take the time to recognise once again that both addiction and mental health battles are very real, very difficult obstacles to overcome.

Thank you to all who have extended their thoughts and shared memories.


Read MotoGP Editor Max Oxley’s obituary for Anthony Gobert HERE.

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