New National Flat Track Racing Series Coming In 2024

New National Flat Track Racing Series Coming In 2024

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Oklahoma City, OK – Xtreem Flattrack (XFT) excitingly announces the official rebranding, restructuring and launch of the all-new National Flat Track (NFT) series. The launching of this new series was designed to put focus back on the roots of our great sport consisting of several State, Regional and National Championship opportunities through our effective partnerships. The racing calendar consists of 45 events across the United States including Halfmile, Shorttrack and TT tracks. The Series will end with a true 3-day National Championship Finale.

“I am so excited for this new era of flat track and am thankful for the partners on board that reflect the same vision for the sport, “said Jake Latimer, CEO of the National Flattrack Series and National Flattrack Group. “Although the Pro AFT racers are the cream of the crop, you cannot deny that there are some great amateur, vintage and expert racers across the Country, and we know that every pro must come from somewhere.”

The NFT Group has developed a program in cooperation with several partners with a focus on these “kids” and young adults and their stories. Through video, website, email, social media and other avenues the NFT in-house media group will allow the public to follow along on their journey through the classes as they chase the road to the AFT Pro ranks. Witness firsthand the challenges and rewards that follow.  As this program gains momentum some of the immediate goals and visions is to include a learn to race program that works with troubled or underprivileged youth to instill and teach the values of a what it takes to not only be a great motorcycle racer, but also great human being as they transition through life. A year end expert points fund for modern, and vintage expert class is in the works as well as the opportunity for AM classes to win brand new motorcycles, parts packages and even have the chance to ride for a top Pro AFT team as part of their championship.

“It was very important when developing this new series that the sanctioning and agreements were all multi year deals extending 5 years and beyond.” Jake continues “We wanted to make sure our Riders, Partners and Sponsors recognized the commitment we are bringing to the sport, We believe the future of flattrack looks great and can’t wait to get started.”

2024 will also see some different entertainment aspects added to the national program at select events including FMX jump shows, Demolition Derbies, Trials exhibitions, Stunt shows, Monster Trucks, Concerts, Bike shows and more. NFT plans to expand the series to virtually every state in the U.S by 2025 and are solidifying plans for a Global launch by 2026.


March 30-31     Route 66 Speedway                                        Amarillo, TX                        3/8  Mile

April 6th                Red Dirt Raceway                                           Meeker, Ok                          1/4 Mile

April 13-14         Gillespie County Fairgrounds                   Fredericksburg, TX          1/2 Mile

April 20th             Heart-O-Texas Speedway                          Waco, TX                               1/4  Mile

May 3rd                 Tri-State Speedway                                       Pocola, OK                          3/8 Mile

May 11-12          Waco Eagles Club Grounds                       Waco, TX                             1/2 Mile

May 17-18          Sycamore Speedway                                   Maple Park, IL                   1/2 Mile

May 24-25          Charleston Speedway                                  Charleston, IL                   3/8 Mile

June 1st               Van Wert County Fairgrounds                  Van Wert, OH                   1/2 Mile

June 8-9              Spokane Speedway                                      Spokane, WA                    1/4 Mile & TT

June 15                 Heart-O-Texas Speedway                          Waco, TX                             1/4 Mile

June 29-30         Castle Rock Raceway                                  Castle Rock, WA             ST & TT

July 13-14           Cincy Speedway                                             Cincinnati, OH                ST

July 20                  Lakeside Speedway                                      Kansas City, KS                1/2 Mile

July 27-28           Norton Fairgrounds                                       Norton, KS                          1/2 Mile

August 3-4         Billings Club Grounds                                  Billings, MT                        ST

August 9-10       Rooks County Fairgrounds                        Stockton, KS                     1/2 Mile

August 11           Missoula County Fairgrounds                  Missoula, MT                    ST

August 23           Darke County Fairgrounds                         Greenville, OH                 1/2 Mile

August 24           Kennedy Entertainment Park                    Greenville, TX                   3/8 Mile

Sept 6-7              Sycamore Speedway                                   Maple Park, IL                   1/2 Mile

Sept 13-14         Dodge City Speedway                                  Dodge City, KS                  1/2 Mile

Sept 21-22         Route 66 Speedway                                      Amarillo, TX                       3/8 Mile

Sept 21-22         Billings Motorcycle Club                             Billings, MT                        ST

Sept 28-29         Waco Eagles Club Grounds                       Waco, TX                             1/2 Mile

October 5           Tulsa Raceway Park                                      Tulsa, OK                            1/4 Mile

October 25, 26, 27        National Flattrack Finals               Waco, TX               ½ mile, Shorttrack and TT

For more information about the National Flattrack Series, to keep up to date with the latest news, or to talk about marketing and sponsorship opportunities please visit All new website coming soon.

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